Bone Density

Bone Densitometry (dual-energy-x-ray-absorptiometry or DEXA) is considered to be “The Gold Standard” for diagnosing osteoporosis or bone loss. Osteoporosis is a condition that more often affects women after menopause but may also be found in men. Bones become thin and brittle, which makes them susceptible to fractures. A DEXA scan can be used to assess a patient’s risk for developing fractures and determine if treatment is needed.

The technologists performing the bone density exams have advanced certification through the American Association of Registered Technologists and the International Society for Clinical Densitometry. This advanced training assures you of the most accurate bone density assessment.


The DEXA exam will take approximately 15 minutes. You will lie on a table while a scanner moves over you. The technologist will scan the lumbar spine, a hip, and a forearm. Each scan takes 15-30 seconds during which you will be asked to hold still.