Hastings Radiology Associates has a long history of service to hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers via remote teleradiology.

Through our IT partership with OffSite Image Management, Inc, and the Telerad 360 platform, we are able to securely connect your existing PACS/RIS/EMR and imaging modalities seemlessly to our platform, in a vendor neutral manner (works with the vendors you already have), so that your imaging studies can be delivered securely to our Board Certified Radiologists’ worklist.

You will then receive finalized reports via our Voice Recognition reporting system nearly instantaneously as they are signed final. Our voice recognition technology will not only deliver you finalized reports fast, but may also help your department save on the time and costs for transcription. Reports can be received either through the Telerad 360 portal, via autofax, or via direct HL7 integration to your existing PACS/RIS/EMR.  As always, our Radiologists are available to your technologists and clinicians 24/7 for questions and concerns regarding reports and imaging/contrast protocols.

Hastings Radiology is committed to the highest quality, clinically relevant reports delivered in a timely manner to your clinicians, so that, wherever your imaging department is located, your patient’s will be receiving the best care as quickly as possible. Your department and technicians can be assured of 24/7 IT support for any Telerad 360 platform issues. Through Hastings Radiology’s participation in the ACR eRadpeer quality assurance program, you can be confident that the accuracy of interpretations will be maintained at the highest level.

If your department is in need of Radiology interpretation service, please contact Dr. Jonathan Hart for more information: [email protected].